This guide provides solutions to possible problems and errors that might be encountered when using the plugin.

Unity (1.0.x preview)

Unity (0.9.x beta)

PingBack failed: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Failed soundtrack options setup: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

Both of the errors above indicate that you have a incorrect or missing Project ID or Authentication Token in your PlusMusicPlugin settings

TimeNextBeat(): beatCountsToUse is null

Your Song is either missing arrangements or hasn't been fully loaded yet. LoadSoundtrack() is asynchronous, use the 'LoadingProgress' message callback to determine if a Soundtrack has been fully loaded.
Unity: See 'PlusMusicSettings.cs' for an example.

'xxx' url not found! {    "message": "No query results for model [App\\Models\\CompiledResource]."}

This error indicates that your PlusMusic Project hasn't compiled yet. The 'xxx' portion will contain the name of the arrangement that did not have a valid url.
In the Project Manager on the website, make sure you clicked the "Send to Plugin" button and "Compile new Soundtrack" button and got your confirmation emails that your project songs are ready for use in the plugin.