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The PlusMusic Adaptive Music Platform (AMP) is a complete game music solution and a true platform for developers. AMP is designed for ease-of-use and virtually instant implementation into Unity and Unreal game engines. The AMP middleware enables you to connect your game project with the AMP Music Library of handpicked, artist-created tracks for quick and seamless adaptive music playback in your game.

If you don't already have a PlusMusic account, go to and click sign up. Access to AMP middleware including the web-based Dev Portal and the Unity/Unreal Plugins is free, and developers with titles in development can get unlimited access to watermarked tracks in the Music Library. For projects set for public release, we offer tiered pricing for music licensing that scales as your player community grows.

Music tracks from the Library are automatically analyzed and mapped into sections called Adaptive Music Sequences (Sequences) that can be triggered in-game. We use proprietary Machine Listening processing to identify Sequences in the music according to criteria such as intensity, mood, and style. The full set of Sequences that can be used in your game project are available in the Dev Portal at

In your game engine project, you specify Sequence triggering using our predefined prefabs, scripts, or blueprints. You can select transitions between Sequences, add stingers, adjust volume and intensity. Through this workflow, you define an in-game adaptive playback structure for the music that is independent from the specific track that is playing. Once the in-game adaptive playback structure is set, any track from the AMP Music Library will conform and playback according to those instructions.

In addition to Sequences, each track is separated into 4 layers or "stems" such as bass, drums, vocals, and top mix. The volume for each layer can be controlled independently. You can use the tracks in your project as a set game score, switch tracks from a predefined playlist, play them at random or even allow the player to choose which tracks to play at runtime.

We currently offer eight (8) Sequence types for each track:


High intensity exploration
Low intensity exploration
Mid intensity exploration
Missed or failed objective
High intensity stinger
Low intensity stinger
Complete track

Long duration loop
Long duration loop
Long duration loop
Short duration one-shot
Short duration one-shot
Medium duration one-shot or loop
Medium duration one-shot or loop
Long duration loop

Supported Platforms

The platforms listed below are currently supported by the AMP plugins.
We're actively looking into adding more platform support.

Currently supported versions are 2021.3.x, 2022.3.x
Unreal Engine
Currently supported versions are 4.27.x, 5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.x


Getting Started

This guide includes information on how to install and set up the AMP plugin.

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Basic Use

This guide covers the basics of how to use the AMP plugin, such as using triggers to switch tracks and States.

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Advanced Use

This guide includes more advanced topics such as customizing the transitions between States and beat driven triggers.

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This guide provides solutions to possible problems and errors that might be encountered when using the plugin.

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API Docs

The API Docs contain references for all public plugin API function calls, classes, objects and data structures as well as sample code snippets for all supported platforms.

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Development Logs

The development logs contain a running changelog, a list of known issues for all plugin versions as well as a list of upcoming features that are in development at PlusMusic.

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The resources section has viewable and downloadable content covering plugin download, playable demos and video tutorials.

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