Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues, ‍entries are for all plugins unless otherwise noted

Known issues for our plugins

Unity: In-Editor play may result in a slight delay of audio when loading a Track if that track hasn't been cached yet or caching is disabled

Tips, hints and workarounds

Unity: If you are getting NullReferenceException errors when calling PlayArrangement() please check the following:

  • Your Track might be missing arrangements. Check your PlusMusic project and make sure your Track has all 9 needed arrangements:
    high_backing, low_backing, backing_track, preview, victory, failure, highlight, lowlight, full_song
  • You're trying to play an arrangement before your Track has fully loaded. LoadTrack() is asynchronous, use the OnTrackLoadingProgress message callback to determine if a Track has been fully loaded. See PlusMusicOverlay.cs for an example.

There is an audio delay when playing arrangements

  • The only time where you should see a delay is the first time you load a Track (You can preload Track without playing them when you start your scene to eliminate that. For example by adding a splash/loading screen)
  • Some arrangements have silence at the start/end. Notably the failure arrangement often has trailing silence. We're currently tweaking our machine learning algorithms to eliminating some of these silent segments. You can check in your PlusMusic project and see if an arrangements has leading/trailing silence.
  • If you see a delay when switching between arrangements, try reducing the time for the transition. You can set the time to zero, which should completely eliminate any delays but may not sound as nice.